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Mason Vickers Productions - Who we are
Photo by Georg Fischer/Lincoln Mercury


Began when Tom Mason and Emily Vickers met at the studio of legendary ad photographer Jay Maisel. After 8 years as Jay’s first assistant, Tom formed Mason Productions, providing scouting and production coordination to location photographers. After 12 years as Maisel’s production manager, Emily left in 1993 to serve as Director of Education for the American Society of Media Photographers where she created the successful Strictly Business Seminar Series. The two joined ranks in January 1995.

As Mason Vickers Productions, LLC Tom and Emily offer a full roster of support services to a wide-ranging clientele of photographers and ad agencies in the U.S. and abroad.


Is the combined 30 years of lessons we’ve learned on location and in the studio. From one-day jobs to 40-day campaigns, every successful shoot depends on planning, logistics, and constantly creating consensus. There are a lot of balls in the air and someone has to keep them up there… one falls and chaos could ensue. Our job is keeping all those balls aloft, and we haven’t dropped one yet.

We firmly believe in Murphy’s Law, so we plan for every contingency and can predict almost anything, including the weather. And we never forget that no matter how the pictures turn out, all that the client will remember about the shoot is the food.